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I spend a lot of time in the kitchen with our chefs, mainly lurking around, taking their pictures and videoing them, but today I was asking Head Chef Andy Ritchie which kitchen appliances he and his team could not live without. This blog was the result.

Chef Alan and his knife - kitchen appliances

Chef’s Knives – This is Chef Alan with one of his trusty knives; he loves it so much he calls it Anne. Remember, when using knives, always make sure they are sharp as they are safer to use than when they are blunt.

Thermomix machine kitchen appliance

Thermomix – An incredibly powerful food processor that does everything super fast and can even heat and cook. Results are consistent and excellent, meaning they are loved by chefs and home cooks. They can finely grind flour from the hardest ingredients like dried corn kernels or chickpeas and act as a steamer or sous vide (explained below). Home cooks love the fact that it can cook whole delicious meals quickly. Look out for them on all top cooking programmes – they are a highly desirable kitchen appliance. I am very lucky to own one of these fantastic kitchen appliances myself and would fight anyone who tried to take it from me!

Vacuum pack - kitchen appliances

Vacuum Sealer – Quickly sucks out all the air and seals in one move, thus prolonging the life of food and preparing it for cooking inside the next item – a sous vide. Vacuum sealed produce from the supermarket has a longer shelf life, due to this process. It is also a brilliant way to speed up marination – also known in the trade as macerating.  You may have heard of this term when preparing strawberries, with the addition of liquor or liquid and sugar.  This machine is very good at removing unwanted bubbles that have formed in whisked foods, and strangely has the capability of producing a similar effect to the bubbles in Aero chocolate. Andy has promised to allow me to make a video showing him demoing this process, so watch this space.

water bath kitchen appliance

Sous Vide – Otherwise known as a water bath. Meat and vegetables are sealed in vacuum packs and slowly lowered into the heated water for several hours or overnight until tender and succulent. Cooking with a vacuum sealer and this versatile kitchen appliance retains maximum flavour and moisture; delivering consistent results when cooking large joints of meat.  It will achieve a rare or medium rare result in every portion.

Blast chilling machine kitchen appliance

Blast Chiller – This chills down cooked foods super fast. As well as being highly convenient, chilling items quickly prolongs their shelf life as aerobic bacteria has less time to work. All pre-packed ready meals would have gone through the processes of after blast chilling, then vac packing.

See our video of Andy prepping a strip loin steak in sous vide style.

Do you own any of these kitchen appliances?  Working daily with chefs and being a bit of a foodie, I am very fortunate to have collected 4 out of the five at home but cannot swing a blast chiller!

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