Kevin Hunter’s stir fry

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Tired, hungry and tempted to reach for the takeout menu or heat up a sad and sorry ready meal?  Here’s what Kevin, one of our chefs, rustles up when his fridge and batteries are running low. A very quick stir fry.  ‘I just add whatever I have in my fridge and wash it down with a cold beer’.  Perfect!

Here’s Kevin and the ingredients

Method – heat a little sesame oil in a pan (great at high heats and has a rich, nutty flavour)


Add the pre-cooked rice and stir fry for a minute or two


Prepare the vegetables by finely chopping the chilli, garlic etc, and slice any others


Add the vegetables to the rice and stir fry until they’re soft but still have a ‘bite’



Meanwhile, melt a little oil in a frying pan.  Break in 2 eggs, whisk gently with a fork and fry into a flat omelette


Break up the omelette and add it to the cooked rice.

Ta da!


10 minutes max!  Hardly time to have chosen a takeout.

Although this meak is delicious, for some amazing AC food at your next party, call our team on  020 7326 3800 or email on:


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