The AC’s Christmas Quiz

The AC’s Christmas Quiz

If you have been following us on social media, you probably know by now that our excitement level for Christmas is “HIGH”.  Ready for some festive fun to find out what kind of Christmas person are you? Grab a pen and paper and take our test to discover if you are Santa’s traditional elf or the perhaps a festive innovator. We would love you to leave your results at the end of the blog. Anonymously of course.

What is your favourite Christmas day meat?

 Roast Goosnargh chicken breast with shaved truffle, summer carrots, leeks, peas and herb gnocchi
A – Turkey
B  – Beef Wellington
C – Duck

What kind of Christmas tree do you prefer?

A – Traditional fir tree with multi-coloured decorations
B – Imitation tree
C – Mono-colour decorated tree

What do you do on Christmas day?

A – It’s family time and that includes the pets
B – Christmas is having fun with friends
C – Something charitable

What is your chosen wine for Christmas lunch?

A – Heady, rich red wine
B – Cool, crisp white wine
C – Both of course!

OK, we know you’d probably like to drink something else too….

A – Baileys, snowball or Champagne all day
B – Try a few new Christmas cocktails
C – Have gin, vodka or whiskey blind tasting to see which one you prefer

How do you like your presents?

A – Surprises every time
B – Make a list and distribute to family and friends
C – Prefer to buy my own gifts

Your favourite Christmas game is…….

A  – Cluedo
B – Pictionary
C – You make up your own games at Christmas

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

A – Silent Night
B – Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody
C – The Pogues Christmas in New York

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a festive movie. What’s your favourite?

A – It’s a Wonderful Life
B – Home Alone
C – The Holiday

It’s time to reveal your Christmas identity


Tot up the number of A B & C’s and discover if you are a festive traditionalist, progressive or a innovator.

Mostly A’s.

The Traditionalist

As a true traditionalist, the excitement really only starts on Christmas Eve and you probably like to keep your rituals, foods and festive look consistent each year. It’s often children and the young at heart that love a traditional Christmas, so never fear, you aren’t dull, this is the perfect excuse to act like a big kid.  Well why not it is Christmas!

Mostly B’s

The Progressive

Progressive celebrators like to explore new trends but are usually keen for everything to be fairly orderly. This is made easier if guests are predominantly adults with ‘The Progressive’ planning everything ahead.  They often try new wines that perfectly match the Christmas lunch perhaps adding whatever takes their fancy even if they aren’t an obvious match. We all know a little of what you fancy does you good!

Mostly C’s

The Innovator

A Christmas ‘Innovator’ loves to buck the trend whilst still maintaining the essence of the festive season. They’ll scour magazines, blogs and TV shows for something new to cook and make the most innovative cocktails. They will rack their brains for different ways to entertain their guests with an overall emphasis on fun. Parents with grown up children often fit this category when the family is looking for plenty of grown-up fun.  If you’re the guest of an Innovator, be prepared that things may not always go to plan; but at least you know you will be in for a fun time!
Thank you for playing along and we hope you’ve enjoyed the quiz.  Please leave your result category in the comments so that we can publish the findings in January.


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