What’s Hot for Christmas 2015?


What’s Hot and What’s Not

for Christmas 2015

We are often asked for our thoughts on trends throughout the year, but this is particularly true at Christmas. This festive season we have chosen two favourite and quite distinctive looks to consider when decorating your home or Christmas table.  We have added a few hints and tips to make your life easier and impress your guests.

white christmas 8

A stunning white winter wonderland

We recommend choosing something elegant and wintery white, softly lit by an abundance of candles and twinkling lights. Keep the look simple – don’t clutter rooms with decorative items, replace your usual vases and ornaments with festive adornments.

If you are not hiring a caterer, plan your menu and order your food well in advance. Presentation is key; select some delicious Admirable Crichton inspired Christmas themed canapés, stylishly served on frosted glass and silver platters. On the day gather all the serving equipment in one easy-to-access area, after all, your guests have come to spend time with you, so spend as little time working as possible.  Over-cater slightly in case unexpected visitors arrive or have some extra items stored away.

Beautifully wrapped gifts in plain white paper with elegant coloured ribbons add a great focal point to a room and will have guests wondering which one might be theirs.

Scandinavian chic 

Alternatively for a party with a different kind of cool – why not go all out with Scandinavian Chic and traditional Nordic designs.

Ask guests to wear Christmas knits, add simple door wreaths with lights, red baubles and white ribbons.  Grey and white or pale blue and white are also popular choices for this look, just be sure to stick to 2 colours. Mix and match a selection of the fun Scandinavian decorations readily available on the high street, to create your own look. This look calls for clean, clear lines and natural materials.

To really wow our guests, we give everyone a Reindeer nitro lolly and watch them breathe fire, but for simpler fun at home you may choose to add a fondue of molten chocolate with interesting fruits for dipping, and small bowls of sprinkles or ground nuts with hidden popping candy. Kids young and old will love this.

Add a few AC inspired canapés for extra glitz. Some of our favourites are pickled herring with soused carrot and sweet dill mustard on sourdough or duck and orange parfait with cranberry jelly and crispy sage leaf.  Keep this theme alive by selecting ready made versions using fish or cured meats as in the traditional smorgasbord.

What do we think is decidedly un-cool?

Not hitting a Christmas theme head on! Don’t be shy, if you want a theme, be brave and go all out. (Of course, we don’t have any un-cool party images to add here).

Cool entertainment

At Christmas it’s all about getting family and friends together and it’s important to come up with something that everyone can participate in. Our favourite festive fun is a game of Christmas Room 101.

Ask your guests to bring along festive items they’d like to banish forever. For instance, the worst Christmas pop track, worst Christmas food item and worst Christmas tradition. Each pair of guests presents their submissions, offering the dubious foods to taste and playing the ear-splitting tracks. Even the shyest guest will feel comfortable with this, often coming up with the best idea and the extroverts will make delivery a scream.  Most importantly, half the fun is in the planning.

So finally here’s a summary of our top tips:

  1. It is all in the planning.  Be organised.
  2. Start a Pinterest board to save your ideas, recording details of where to buy things.
  3. Choose your menu and serving equipment early and order the food well in advance.
  4. Make a list of timings for food, drinks and entertainment, print it and leave somewhere discrete to keep you on track.
  5. Always keep some extra supplies in case of additional guests.
  6. Try to relax and enjoy yourself. After all, it’s Christmas.


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